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Across the world, children are born with a twist to their genetics, these individuals are seen as homo superior, the next link in the chain of evolution. Each born with a unique genetic mutation that has altered their chromosomes, enhancing them in such a way that allows them to exhibit superhuman abilities and feats. With his guidance and tutelage, Professor Charles Xavier decided to turn his family mansion into the Xavier Institute for Gifted Individuals, in which he would train mutants to use their powers to benefit mankind. Using his developed Cerebro system, he has gathered a multitude of individuals in hopes to help shape a prosperous future; a world where mutants are no longer hated, persecuted, and hunted by humanity, but could co-exist and live peacefully amongst mankind.

While battling obstacles of their own, these exceptional mutants must also combat radical forces who oppose this idyll vision. These nefarious forces are both mankind and the mutant race, whose agenda is of one thing; exterminating the other under the guise of protection and peace. However, it is the duty of these gifted mutants that have banded together, to show the world that it needs not fear their kind. Apart, they're but a small and feeble voice comprised of scientific abnormalities; freaks - but together, united by their common and shared belief, they're a thunderous roar that can quake even the heavens.

They are the X-Men.


YEAR: 2016.


You've arrived within the gates of an illustrious estate. Nervousness and uncertainty welling inside your heart as it races within your chest. Cautiously, you begin to descend the stone pathway that lies in front of you, glancing around at the unfamiliar terrain you see a variety of faces who briefly stare and smile at you before walking on.

Returning your gaze forward you notice a man sat in a wheelchair, awaiting you, alone at the bottom of the pathway. As you look upon him a sense of reassurance and security surges through you as he smiles in your direction. Finally, as you've reached him, the bald man leans forwards, and offers out his hand before he begins to speak, a british accent on his tongue.

" ah, You've arrived. Welcome to the Xavier Institute for Gifted Individuals. I am Charles Xavier, founder of this school and sanctuary for mutants. Shall we begin? "







Senator Robert Kelly has introduced the MRA bill as legislation, and it has now been accepted and passed into law by the Supreme Court. Unregistered mutants who oppose this law have begun to be arrested by the MRD; Mutant Response Division. Those who have not been registered or detained, such as the mutants of the Xavier Institute are safe -
...for now.

The Mutant Registration Act (or MRA); is an enforced controversial legislative bill that has been passed into law by the government, that publicly reveals the identity of all mutants that register, this mandatory registration is for all super-powered individuals.
  • All mutants must, by law, register themselves with the government. This includes a detailed breakdown of their powers, personal details, addresses (present and past), family members, associates, etc.
    • This means the simple act of being an unregistered mutant is illegal. Individuals must register themselves within 60 days of first manifestation or face the risk of jail time and/or being forcibly registered.
  • Registered mutants are legally obligated to identify themselves as mutants when applying for a job, a place to live, schooling, or any other instance where a third party may request said information (i.e. if someone asks, you must tell them the truth).
  • Registered mutants must obtain government leave in order to travel or move to another state. To be found outside the designated state without government dispensation will lead to jail time.
  • The MRD database is not publicly available. However, it is available to police, doctors and hospitals, every government department, and public and private schools at all levels.


We leave it up to the members whether they would like their characters to be registered or not. However, if characters are caught and detained by the MRD or police and identified as unregistered mutants, they will be registered by force, and may face jail time, depending on the level of trouble they have caused.

    Those who have already registered prior to coming to the mansion, who absolutely insist upon registering, or who are forced into registration when caught, are welcomed, of course. However, Charles Xavier and other mutants may insist, for the sake of secrecy and the safety of the residents, that those under his care not register.

Keep in mind that once registered, there is no easy way to become unregistered again. We invite members to make decision after careful consideration before proceeding.

Marvel characters are the property of Marvel. Drawings and photos, unless created by members of this group, are the property of their respective owners. Original character, concepts, and artwork are often adapted from source material. We do not claim ownership of those original sources and materials.
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